Children’s Optimal Health

In early 2008, thirteen lead community agencies and institutions in Austin came together to identify the most effective manner in which to target limited resources to impact the health of children in our community. This was the birth of Children’s Optimal Health (COH). We enable communities to visualize the health of their neighborhoods, identify assets and needs, unearth and nurture opportunities for collaborative change and monitor outcomes over time through GIS mapping and related analyses applied to public and privately held data sets. We provide timely, accurate, and relevant data to decision makers in order to improve operations, impact policy, encourage research, and mobilize the community.

Children’s Optimal Health
1206 W. 38th St.
Suite 4220
Austin, TX 78705

(512) 324-5980


Herrington Studios

At Herrington Studios, we approach our art-form with respect, humility, and understanding that a single photograph can define a moment in someone’s life. It can bring inspiration to achieve, create, become, belong. We love to dream the impossible of dream.

Harrell Investment Partners

Our mission is to create a clear path for building and sustaining wealth with a mix of services tailored to your financial goals.

The Seton Fund

The Seton Fund works with our philanthropic community to support Seton’s Central Austin adult facilities, including Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, Seton Medical Center Austin, Seton Shoal Creek Hospital, Seton McCarthy Community Health Center, as well as the Seton Cove and the Nurse Scholarship Endowment.

The Seton Fund
1206 West 38th Street
Suite 4200
Austin, Texas 78705

(512) 324-1990